The following story was shared by Felicia Moore. Felicia has 25 years experience in nursing and opened her home care business, Neighborhood Home Care, in Lynn, Massachusetts, in the summer of 2009.

Caregiver Felicia Moore main imageAs an African American growing up in Mississippi, I know all too well about underserved communities in relation to both health and education. I grew up chopping cotton at age five and endured the death of my mother at age 14. My mother was only 38 years old when she died of heat stroke while working in a cotton field in rural Mississippi. I vowed to make a difference and serve the less fortunate and the vulnerable. In 1991, I eagerly started college in Massachusetts, going on to earn an associate degree in nursing, an associate degree in criminal justice, and a bachelor’s degree in nursing. I am presently working toward an associate degree in physical therapy.

I’ve been working in nursing for 25 years now, and my peers often ask what motivates me. I respond by sharing that it is my goal to provide health-related services to the most vulnerable – children & the elderly. There are extensive knowledge deficits, and many have fears related to maintaining good health in underserved communities. I have witnessed many people struggling in these communities, and I allow myself to be their outlet, as they share times when they break their pills in half or cut their insulin dose down because they can’t afford their prescribed dosage. I have experienced many struggles and have watched my own loved ones and the parents of my childhood friends endure similar incidents. We do this for the clients that are fearful and in need. “The most vulnerable and underserved.”

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