caregiver hugs senior

Finding the best in home care services for yourself or a loved one can be intimidating. There seems to be an endless sea of choices, and sifting through the noise is difficult. To ensure you find the best home care for your needs, we’ve put together a few important questions to ask that can narrow down your options, helping you find the right home care provider. It’s important to note that only you can determine the value of their answers, but these questions should give you most of the information you need, and will open the conversation up enough to shed light on things you might not have thought about.

“What kind of services do you provide?”

Your loved one may suffer from a specific ailment like diabetes or Alzheimer’s. It’s important to hire a caregiver who specializes in that area so your loved one can get the attention they need. If your loved one suffers from dementia and a caregiver tells you they have experience in this area, you may want to qualify this by asking for details on their level of experience. Don’t be afraid of asking too many follow-up questions about this. Most caregivers expect questions, and if they seem impatient or annoyed when you press for more details, they likely wouldn’t be a good fit anyway.

“Where do you provide services?”

As health issues become more and more serious, moving from the home to a nursing facility or hospital may become necessary. If a person has to switch caregivers in the midst of such a change, it can have a drastic, negative emotional and physical effect. Find out if the company you’re researching is strictly a home care business, or if the caregivers can go to nursing homes or resident living apartments as well. Making sure your caregiver will be there through any major changes will help your loved one feel more comfortable and in control.

“Are your caregivers bonded?”

Allowing a stranger to take care of a beloved family member or friend is not a decision to take lightly. Knowing a background check was conducted and this caregiver is trustworthy and competent will help you feel at ease during the times you are not present. It’s also nice to know that, should something happen, you and your loved ones would be covered for any losses.

“Can I choose my caregiver?”

In some cases, caregivers may be with you or your loved one around the clock. On top of punctuality, reliability and experience, you also want a caregiver whose personality will fit the situation appropriately. Many people prefer to be involved in caregiver selection. This makes perfect sense and is a totally reasonable request that most home care providers should be able to meet.

Other Questions to Think About

Some other questions can range from the cost of a caregiver, whether or not the caregiver can administer medication, how shift completion is verified, and payment options (Medicare, Medicaid, Long Term Care Insurance, etc.).

As you ask these questions, others will pop up. Ask as many questions as you feel you need to, and don’t worry about asking too many. Even though it can be time consuming finding the perfect company, it is essential to make sure your new provider can take care of your loved one and provide top of the line quality. Having the answers to these questions will bring confidence that the home care provider you chose is the best fit for you or your loved one.