Juggling family time and work time can be a difficult balancing act. It is even more difficult when your work is your family. So how do you get more free time as a family caregiver?

Set Boundaries

Working as a family caregiver is no different than working an 8-5 desk job. Try giving yourself hours to work by (it doesn’t have to be 8-5) and stick by those, barring any emergencies. Setting up boundaries as a family caregiver is important, not only for your emotional and mental well-being, but it is the best thing for your loved one as well.

Begin by understanding what is your obligation and what is not. As a family caregiver, it is easy to become consumed by the care of your family member because you love them, but try observing the situation from an outside perspective and decide what is under your control and what is not. How much time you want to give your loved one is entirely up to you, and no amount of care is too much or too little. Setting boundaries with your time and care will help you to be a better caregiver and a better family member.

Ask for and Accept Help

Don’t be afraid to ask for professional help. If caring for your loved one is overwhelming, reach out to a professional caregiving service to help you on days that you can’t do it. It is emotionally draining to watch someone you love slowly decline mentally and physically. Don’t feel ashamed asking for help or giving your duties over to another family member. Sharing the burden occasionally will lighten your load and ensure that you can give the best possible care. Don’t feel ashamed for taking a day off now and then to get some rest and recovery.

Take Time off Without Feeling Guilty

Taking time off ties in well with setting boundaries. The key to setting boundaries and taking time off is understanding its role in creating a healthy balance in your life. You need to have a balance between work and personal time. Caring for a loved one may cause you to feel strong guilt when you put yourself first. You’re supposed to be focusing your energy on caring for them, right? Although this is true, taking time for yourself will give you the rejuvenation you need to give your loved one the best possible care.

Taking care of a loved is an exemplary endeavor and not an easy task. Remember, it is not selfish to take time to focus on your own needs and desires. Setting boundaries and seeking for help will ensure you get the free time you need and help you give the best care to your loved one.