Happy Grandparents Day on Sunday, September 7th! In honor of our grandparents, the Home Care Pulse team would like to take a moment to share some of the things we’ve learned from our grandparents.

Aaron: My Grandpa Marcum has been one of my greatest heroes throughout my life. He is one of the funniest, most caring, genuine and engaged individuals I know. Even at 92, he continues to golf and exercise on his spin bike every week. One of the things I appreciate most about him is how involved he is with my own children, his great grandchildren. In all my years as a child and now as a father, he has never missed my birthday or the birthday of my kids. Currently his favorite way to wish them a happy birthday is to send us an interactive E-card. I have never known a more savvy and technology engaged 92 year old. Recently we were having dinner with him, and he was intently punching the keys on his iPhone. I ask him if he was playing video games. He replied, “No, I’m checking my Facebook.”   I will never forget that response. Grandpa, you’re amazing, and I will be forever grateful for your example and eternal friendship!

Erik: My grandparents taught me the value of an honest day’s work for an honest day’s pay. It was not uncommon to see my grandmother wake up to start her day before the sun came up and not stop until well after the sun had set.

Brock: Grandma Jex taught me that “there is no one better to take care of your own home than yourself.” Whether it was doing yard work, dusting the house or cooking meals, grandma always taught that you should take care of yourself and your family. I always felt love and concern from her and I miss her every day. I love thinking of this lesson and her overall work ethic!grandfather-fishing-with-grandson-[669x469]

Nathan: I learned that it was pointless to ask my grandfather what the definition of a particular word meant. He always gave the same response, “Go look it up.” I guess I learned that it if you really what to understand something, it requires effort on your part.

Kristi: My grandpa taught me kindness by allowing me to win at every game of Go Fish we ever played.

Tyler: One thing my grandparents taught me is the importance of hard work, determination and staying true to your values. My grandparents are great examples of how hard work and determination can benefit not just yourself, but those around you, including family.

Leah: Every time we would go over the river and through the woods to grandmother’s house, we knew we could count on being more than stuffed by the end of the visit. Grandma was always concerned about our needs and well-being, even beyond making sure our stomachs were full of homemade rolls. She would fill us with warmth and love. My grandma was a great example to me of serving others. My family could always count on grandma and grandpa being there for us if we were ever in need.

Chris: I have one surviving grandparent—my Grandpa Marcum. Though I’ve learned countless things from his example over the years, this past year has been especially important to me. Last September, my grandmother, his wife, passed away. Seeing him continue in faith and service for those around him has had a big impact on me. For my grandpa, doing the right thing is engrained into him. It’s natural. And he assumes as much from everyone else. It’s been wonderful to see a man experience the most difficult thing that can be experienced in this life, and maintain his positive outlook on the world around him instead of adopting the cynicism all too popular today. He truly is a wonderful man.woman-hugging-young-boy-[669x469]

JC: From my Grandma Cardon (We call her Nana!), I have learned the importance of being positive. She is fun to be around because she is always upbeat and happy, even during hard times in life. She strives to point out the good and lessons learned from any experience. When I am going through struggles or challenges, I think, “What would Nana do?”

Christy: My Grandma Reeve taught me the importance of service. She was a faithful community and church volunteer and was always there to help a neighbor in need. She served with a smile while always wearing her best outfit and high heels.

Brandon: My Grandpa and Grandma Robert and Judy Goode loved acting silly and making their children and grandchildren laugh. Laughter became our family’s medicine. When life got hard, we would cry together for about three seconds (because that’s how long it would take before someone would crack a joke). We never demean or belittle one another, but we learned to use humor to improve a situation without hurting or harming the individual. When my Grandpa passed away in 2010, we all stood around his bed saying goodbye, weeping, yet with smiles on our faces because of the lesson we’d learned.

Jeremy: I learned that you’re never too old to have fun and be happy. My wife’s grandfather is testament to that very fact. When I was dating my wife, her grandparents invited us to go white water rafting. Her grandfather rode down the river with us and flipped the raft on the biggest rapid. Hearing her grandparents talk to each other shows just how happy they are together, and how to laugh at one another.