senior couple kissing and smiling

It’s February, and Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching. Have you made plans yet? If you want to plan something special without breaking the bank, here are a few date ideas that don’t cost much but will still show your loved one that you care:

1. Cook together

Though it’s popular to head out for Valentine’s Day, it can be equally enjoyable to spend the night in. Cooking together provides romantic one-on-one time and allows you to avoid the big bill and the crowded atmosphere of a fancy restaurant. If you want to make it a day-long event, you could get an early start by stopping at a farmer’s market for fresh ingredients or stopping by your favorite grocery store. If you want a night in but you don’t want to stress about cooking and cleaning, you could also grab takeout from your favorite restaurant and spend the evening relaxing at home.

2. Satisfy your sweet tooth

Going out for dinner may be pricy, but dessert usually isn’t. Try stopping by a sweet shop and looking for something you’ve never tried before, or stop by the local bakery for a brownie or slice of cake. If it’s chilly you may want to sit down for a hot chocolate in a warm cafe, or if you don’t mind the cold, you can split a hot fudge sundae at a nearby ice cream parlor.

3. See a movie

There’s a movie for every mood and every couple. Whether you prefer romance, action, or comedy, you can usually find a wide variety of showings on Valentine’s Day. In light of the holiday, you may even be able to find showings of classic films, especially at older theaters. If you can’t find a movie you want in the theater, you can also stay at home and rent a video to watch in your living room.

4. Take a walk

Valentine’s Day dates don’t need to be complicated. Being together is enough, and one of the simplest ways to spend an evening together is by taking a stroll around the city streets. Try being a tourist in your own town by walking to local sites—stroll through a museum, window shop downtown, or revisit your favorite haunts. If you want to make it even more casual, walk around your neighborhood or a local park. Take it at your own pace, and enjoy your time alone together.

5. Reminisce

For long-time couples, Valentine’s Day is a fun time to look back on your relationship and see how far you’ve come together. You can watch your wedding video or pull out old photo albums and recount your favorite  memories from times past.

6. Go to a show

If you like music, comedy, or theater, you can often find tickets with senior discounts. Universities and community theaters also offer inexpensive but quality shows. This time of year, there are frequently romantic shows that can entertain and help set the tone for the evening, but be sure to buy tickets ahead of time since they sell out quickly.


Whether it’s Valentine’s Day or any other day of the year, these easy dates are fun, simple ways to spend time with that special someone without spending too much money. There’s no age limit on falling in love or on expressing it. So don’t miss an opportunity to show those you love—spouse, good friend, family member—how much you care.