caregiver helping man with crutches

Arthritis, joint pain, and other health issues can take their toll on a senior’s mobility. However, while these factors may change how a senior gets around, they don’t have to stop them. Seniors can adapt and improve their mobility using these inventive tools:

Scooters and Electric Wheelchairs

When walking becomes a struggle, scooters and electric wheelchairs provide a safe and comfortable way to maintain mobility and independence. While both scooters and electric wheelchairs serve roughly the same purpose, they are slightly different. Electric wheelchairs are a little more compact than scooters and have a better turn radius which makes them easier to navigate around tight corners. Scooters, on the other hand, are faster than electric wheelchairs, and they can carry more weight. Though both options can be pricey, Medicare can cover up to 80% of the price when a scooter or electric wheelchair is necessary.

Car Handles

Even seniors who are able to drive often have a hard time getting out of the car, and holding onto a car door doesn’t generally provide adequate support. Using a detachable car handle makes getting in and out easy. These strong, metal-and-rubber handles slip easily into the latch of the car door, and they act as a firm handle to hold onto and push off of as the senior gets out of the car. They also easily detach and fit in your glove compartment or cup holder.


Rollators (or Four-Wheel Walkers) are essentially the next level of walker, complete with wheels, brakes, and a built-in seat. Rollators are great for seniors with mild issues with balance or strength. There is also a wide variety of attachments available for rollators, like oxygen tanks holders, clips for canes, and seat cushions.

Trapeze Bars

Trapeze bars are hanging handle bars that can be attached above a bed or chair, and they allow seniors to pull themselves up from a lying down or sitting position. Though they require installation, they’re easy to use and allow seniors to get into and out of bed without further assistance.

Uplift Seats

Uplift seats are lightweight, portable seats that can be placed on a sofa or armchair. They’re designed for comfort and gently lift up to 80% of the user’s weight out of the seat. By shifting toward the front of the seat or beginning to stand, the seat then activates to provide an extra boost up.

Though many seniors want to age in place, mobility restrictions may make it difficult. These innovative tools can help seniors to improve their mobility and extend their independence.