The spookiest weekend of the year is finally here! Halloween is a great time to eat delicious treats, see old friends, and visit aging loved ones. Here are some fun activities you can do with your loved ones to help them get in the festive mood:

1. Decorate Pumpkins

Nothing says Halloween like spending time cleaning out and carving pumpkins. If you’re worried about your loved one handling sharp instruments or dealing with squishy pumpkin guts, buy some bright paint colors and paint spooky designs on your pumpkins. It makes for a very festive decoration!

2. Make Halloween Garlands

Do your loved ones need an added spooky touch to their home?? Creating a Halloween garland is fun, easy and will add the perfect Halloween touch. Here is an example of an easy and adorable garland that you can put up in their home.

3. Share Scary Stories

Sharing scary stories doesn’t only have to happen around the bonfire. This is the perfect time of year to tell spooky stories or share your favorite Halloween traditions. Ask your loved ones about their favorite Halloween or what their favorite Halloween traditions were growing up. They will love reminiscing about their childhood, and you will grow closer to them through sharing stories.

4. Have a Classic Horror Movie Marathon

Does your loved one have a favorite old movie? I know my Grandma LaRue absolutely loved the movie Rebeccaand she would love to watch it every Halloween. If your loved one doesn’t have a favorite scary movie, Alfred Hitchcock is always a great way to get in the holiday spirit.

5. Play Halloween Charades

This game is perfect for family Halloween parties! Brainstorm fun Halloween-related themes for you and your family to act out. You will have fun watching your loved ones and family mime Dracula or try to act like a spider. This game is perfect for all ages and will get everyone involved.

Halloween isn’t just about trick or treating. It’s a perfect time to connect with loved ones and make new family traditions.

Stay Safe, and Happy Haunting!