elderly man in hammock with tablet

Sunshine. Laughter. Lemonade. It’s officially summertime, and after spending months cooped up indoors, it’s time to get out and enjoy the change in weather. Summer offers the perfect opportunity to socialize, exercise, and simply have fun. These five activities will help seniors beat the heat and keep the livin’ easy this summer:

1. Attend outdoor concerts and movies

From Beatles revival bands to Shakespeare in the park, summer offers a unique variety of outdoor entertainment. Many cities offer outdoor concert series or free movies and plays in public parks and amphitheaters. Since shows usually start in the evening this is also a great way to get fresh air without getting hit by the heat.

senior couple at outdoor concert

2. Take a swim

There are few respites from the summer sun quite as satisfying as diving into a pool. But cooling down isn’t the only benefit of a good swim. Studies show that for seniors swimming can increase flexibility, reduce chances of osteoporosis, and offer opportunities to socialize, which improves mood and eliminates stress.

elderly man in swimming pool

3. Ride a bike

In the past decade, bike riding has become steadily more popular among seniors and cities are becoming increasingly more bike friendly. Going for a bike ride can be social or solitary. Seniors can join community and charity rides or bike along local walkways or trails. Many bike shops offer rentals, as well as, bikes adapted for seniors, including three-wheelers and easy-board bikes.

happy elderly couple riding bikes

4. Volunteer

For retirees, volunteering offers the opportunity to stay involved in causes they’re passionate about for the joy of it rather than the paycheck. It also provides them with the opportunity to get to know people with similar interests and to keep their minds and bodies active. Many organizations, such as Senior Corps, work specifically with seniors, matching them to programs that meet their interests and abilities.

elderly woman volunteering in hospital

5. Try a new recipe

For seniors who’d rather stay indoors, no bake cooking options are a fun way to experiment with new recipes and enjoy fresh summer flavors like lime, melon, or mint. Many farmers’ markets also open in the morning, before the sun has reached its peak, and offer a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables only available at summertime.

elderly woman buys produce in street market

While seniors should be careful to avoid heavy sun exposure, that doesn’t mean they have to limit themselves to sitting around indoors. There’s no better time than summer to enjoy friends and family and to get out and try something new.