August is all about Psoriasis awareness! In the U.S., there are 7.5 million people diagnosed with Psoriasis. Those who struggle with it know flare ups can be a serious burden on day-to-day life. However, Psoriasis can be managed, and it doesn’t have to affect your desire to wear what you want or go out when you want.

Stress is a common trigger for a Psoriasis flare. When a person is stressed, their body responds by sending out chemicals to the areas of the body that are under distress. This response to stress is normal, however, for someone who has Psoriasis, the immune system over-responds causing a flare up. This makes managing stress an important life skill for people with Psoriasis.

By reducing stress, you can start managing your flare ups and stop hiding your skin. Here are a few of the best tips:


Meditation is a proven method for relieving stress. It pushes you to clear your mind, slow down racing thoughts and, as a result, reduces anxiety. When the mind is at peace, the body is at peace, and when the body is at peace, you experience fewer flare ups and discomfort. To begin meditating, try sitting on your floor for 15 minutes and, with your eyes slightly open, focus on your breathing. This will calm your mind and body and help reduce your stress. For more about meditation, the National Psoriasis Foundation has many great tips and insights.

Exercise Daily

It is a common fact that exercise produces endorphins—those little chemicals that gives us energy and make us happy. But did you know that endorphins can also decrease anxiety? A U.S. study shows that men and women who are physically active are less likely to get a Psoriasis flare than those who are substantially less active. To see results, your exercise routine does not have to include hours upon hours at the gym. Even those who did moderate exercise, like a light jog or walk, saw improvement in their Psoriasis. Try getting just 15 minutes of exercise each day.

Seek Outside Help

If you continue to struggle maintaining your stress levels, try taking a stress management course, finding a therapist who specializes in stress management, or join a support group. If you have Psoriasis, you don’t have to go through it alone. There are many support groups that can help you manage your Psoriasis. Connecting with others who know what you’re going through can help relieve your stress and help improve your Psoriasis.

If you can reduce your stress, you can help your Psoriasis. The National Psoriasis Foundation has many methods to manage flare ups, with stress management being just one. You may not be able to cure your Psoriasis, but that doesn’t mean Psoriasis can’t be managed, and you can’t enjoy life!